Saturday, March 09, 2013

Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer 2.0ml Tank System

Introducing the Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer 2.0ml Set

There's a new tank system available for your Ego batteries, and the Vivi Nova Tank Clearomizer has quickly become my favorite tank system. I switch off between this and my CE4's, both are great systems. This great new tank/atomizer combo (see it here) has a few innovative features that I really like though.

The tank is just the right size, holding as much as 2.0 ml of liquid, which is enough for even heavy vapers, for more than a full day of vaping. The 'atomizer' itself, uses two triple thread wicks to make wicking fast and reliable. The kit comes with a total of three atomizer 'heads', so if one takes a dive, you can simply unscrew the metal ring on the bottom of the device and replace it with a brand new one. I find each head lasts from one to two weeks on average.

You get a tank in your choice of 5 transparent colors or clear, made of very sturdy plastic, and great looking, and the size is comfortable to hold in the hand. Both the top and bottom handsome crosscut design metal rings easily unscrew, to make filling and replacing the heads a snap.

This thing produces a huge amount of warm vapor, and does it all day long. I'm a heavy vaper, and if I fill mine completely, with 2 ml of e-liquid, it last me two days. Bottom line is this is one serious clearomizer, and well worth adding to your arsenal of e-cig accessories.

That's it for today's latest news, hope to see you all again soon!

Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy! :)

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We just want to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers for your support in the past year. To show our gratitude, we are offering all our customers a 15% discount between now and midnight 01/02/2013 EST. To get your discount, you MUST type “Happy2013” (no spaces) in the coupon code at checkout.

2012 has come to a close, and we're ringing in the new year with some great new products! Check out the new, super popular CE4 double or single starter kits. These are currently our best selling starter kits. Also check out the new “rubberized” coatings for E-go batteries available in several new and cool colors.

We've introduced several important e-cigarette technologies during the last year, and we will continue to bring new and exciting products to market in the next one.

We'll be offering new e-cig hardware and accessories, new e-liquid flavors to add to our already vast list of flavor (and nicotine level) choices, among many other new products, so visit our website regularly.

We will continue to provide the best customer service, super low prices, very fast and reliable delivery at the lowest rates, because we are a US based company that stocks large quantities of the best selling e-cigarettes and accessories.

We wish all our customers a very healthy, happy and prosperous New Year in 2013!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Sale!

From Now Until Midnight,
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If you place your order between now and Midnight Friday, take an additional 25% Off!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

E-go V V Passthrough Battery

Introducing the V V Pass-Through

This is the latest in pass-through power technology, a small USB pass-through “battery” for all your E-go atomizers and cartomizers. Plug it into your available USB port, and vape as much as you like without worrying about the battery needing a charge.

This device let's you use your USB port to power your atomizers/cartomizers at four different voltage levels to suit your vaping preferences. The output can be changed to 3.0 Volts, 3.6 Volts, 4.2 Volts and 4.8 Volts by continuously pressing the power button.

The indicator light will change colors as you quickly and continuously press the power button from blue, purple, red or green depending on voltage selected. This is one very versatile (and cool) pass-through power supply. 

These new V V Pass-Through batteries are now available in our stores, but they're going fast--order today before the initial order has sold out!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Proper Care and Feeding of your e-Cigarette

Now that you've gotten your first e-Cigarette, read the instructions, charged your batteries, screwed on the atomizer (or cartomizer) and have been enjoying the benefits of vaping, you should know how to keep it in good operating condition.

BATTERIES—As you use your e-Cigarette, a small amount of e-liquid will eventually make it's way to the threads of your battery, where you screw in your atomizer/cartomizer. This can cause a poor connection, resulting in poor performance. The easiest way I've found to fix this situation is to gently wipe the inside of the battery connection with a Q-tip. I do this every time I charge a battery, to keep the threads in good clean condition.

Atomizers—The parts of e-Cigarettes do not last forever. Batteries gradually wear out, reducing performance, cartridges or cartomizers are also replaceable, and so are atomizers. The atomizer is the heating element of your e-Cigarette. Just as with batteries, the threads of your atomizer will also collect a little e-liquid with use. I use a lint free cloth to wipe the liquid off the threads. It only takes a second, and your e-Cigarette will perform better if you keep those threads clean.

Cartridges are considered disposable, each one will generally last one to two days before it begins to lose it's ability to 'wick' the e-liquid to the atomizer. You can extend the life of your cartridges using a simple method. As you draw on your e-Cigarette, the wicking material in the cartridge will begin to to lose it's original 'fluffiness' and start to get stiff. The effect of this is very noticeable. For one thing, you'll notice that when you top it off with e-liquid, it doesn't hold more than two or three drops, and you will also see the wicking material has 'shrunk' down into the cartridge.

A simple way to get a little more life from your cartridges is to use a pin to gently lift the wicking material back to the top of the cartridge. By using this simple trick, you can nearly double the life span of your cartridges. Next, don't overfill your cartridges. When you do this, you waste your e-liquid, and increase the amount of liquid that will find it's way to the threads we were talking about above. One of the most common reasons atomizers sometimes suddenly stop working is because they're flooded with too much liquid. If you suspect this is your problem, you can lash the atomizer into a stainless sink. If you see liquid come out, chances are that's what's happened.

We hope these tips help you to get more enjoyment from your e-Cigarettes, and happy vaping!

Brought to you by your customer service department

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EGO VV Variable Voltage EGO-V

We already loved the Ego batteries, comfortable to hold, great capacity for long life, good looking, etc. But like all things these days, improvements are constantly being made.

Such is the case with the new 'EGO V Variable Voltage EGO-V' battery. Now available in our stores, the V does something no other E-go battery has done before. As it's double V name implies, this battery is capable of operating at variable voltages--get it? VV ?

 How it works: To change the voltage produced, press the manual on switch 5 times quickly.

You can choose from 3 voltage settings for the best voltage for your preferences;

When the large LED light is red, you're at 3.2 volts. Press 5 more times, the display lights purple and you're at a standard 3.7 volts. Do the same thing one more time, and the lights turn blue, and you're at 4.2 volts. The storage is 650 mah, just like the original Ego.

If you press the same button very briefly, you can tell how much charge is left in your battery by the number of bars lit up, kinda like your cell phone light on steroids. It's a bright enough light to find a keyhole in the dark, and it looks really cool too.

 When it charges, the light goes up and down like a cell phone too. If you've got nothing better to do you can type your blog and watch it from the corner of your eye. Not like I'm doing that of course. That would be pitiful...

Anyway, go ahead and order a few of these new Ego V's for yourself (or a friend). I'm sure you're gonna like it!

This is Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy, signing out until next time!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ego Necklace

Have you ever found yourself searching for your misplaced e-cig battery?

We have a brand new accessory necklace that is custom made to fit your Ego battery, that is comfortable to wear, comes in cool colors, and will make those searches for your e-cig a thing of the past. It's also very affordable and stylish :)

The necklace has a ring that slides over your Ego battery, underneath the cone, that  exposes the manual button. It's a convenient (and fashionable) way to keep your Ego e-cig within easy reach.

Take a look at it here: and order one for yourself, you'll love it! I know I do :)

While you're at it, order one for a friend who has an Ego, they're sure to appreciate it!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"It's the Economy"

Times are tough financially for a lot of people these days.

Many people struggle to make their mortgage payments, to buy medicines and pay for medical care. It strikes me that many of those people also smoke cigarettes, despite the cost, and despite the known health risks.

When we're trying to decide between food and medicine, the cigarette addiction/habit is an expense that is very hard for a lot of smokers to well, see our money go up in smoke.

Enter the electronic cigarette. We've all seen several articles comparing the chemicals emitted by burning tobacco compared with 'vaping' an electronic cigarette, but what we've seen less of is the financial advantage of switching from 'analog' cigarettes to their digital competition.

I personally, smoked two packs a day for 4 decades. Forty years of inhaling burning tobacco. When I finally traded my smoking habit for electronic cigarettes, I did it mostly out of concern of my second hand smoke, and the expense of smoking came in second. The smell, and social guilt over smoking came in third. (we don't know how bad cigarette smoke smells till we quit).

Back to money.

When I last smoked, cigarettes were ~$4 a pack, and I smoked two packs every day, 365 days a year. At $4 a pack X 2 packs a day, that's $8 a day, $56 a week, and $240 bucks a month!!! That's a car payment!

These days, after factoring in the cost of my e-cigs, replacement parts like atomizers and batteries, e-liquid, and miscellaneous accessories,  I'm paying less than $50 a month. Or less.

I'm saving a whopping $190 every single month I use my e-cigs compared with tobacco cigarettes, and I don't smell like an ashtray, I create zero second hand smoke, and I feel a hell of a lot better.

Being on a fixed income, saving $190 a month is huge for me, and I'm pretty sure it's a big concern for most smokers.

Now in addition to saving big money every month--a huge relief--I am very convinced I'm also a lot healthier. I know I have a better appetite, and breathing is much easier. It works for me, if you haven't tried an e-cigarette yet, or know a smoker who hasn't, I strongly suggest you direct them to our website, and try out a starter kit. The 510 and Ego models are currently our best sellers, and you wont go wrong with either one.

And you'll feel a LOT better when the bills come due every month.

That's it for today, this is Lenny your friendly e-cig guy signing off, see you in my next message!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

New CE4 Plus Clear Tankomizer

Most users of e-cigarettes are familiar with the original older style atomizer and cartridge combos that come with most of the popular e-cig starter kits. These worked fine, and until the advent of newer devices, this was all there was.

Next came the cartomizers, which combined the atomizer and pre-filled cartridge into one disposable unit, and which made vaping more convenient and easier to do. You simply screwed one onto your e-cigarette, used it until the atomizer died, or it ran out of liquid.

These were also good devices, and millions of them were sold as an alternative to the above mentioned cartridges. You could refill a cartomizer once or twice, but that really kind of defeated the whole purpose of the cartomizer, which was to offer a reasonably priced, simple system for those who didn't want to bother to refill their cartridges.

More recently, a new device hit the e-cig market, called a 'Clearomizer'. The Clearomizer combines an atomizer with a clear tank, that's designed to be refilled, and because it was clear, you could easily see how much liquid was left in the tank, which was a major improvement to the standard cartomizer.

I would describe these original Clearomizers as semi-disposable, because you could refill them several times, before the atomizer wore out, and they needed to be replaced, but the fact is, even the original atomizers had a limited lifetime. The original atomizers would last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or more depending on individual usage.

Now we come to the newest of the Clearomizers, the new CE4 Plus Clear 'Tankomizer', a 4th generation e-cig tank system.

Why devote a page on the blog to one new Clearomizer? Because they are so sophisticated, and work so well, they deserve a page of their own.

This new CE4 Plus Clear Tankomizer (Yes I know, it's a long name) is my favorite system of all the various systems I've just described.

For one thing, they hold a HUGE amount of liquid, at least 1.6 ml of e-liquid, and it will actually hold more than that. I am a pretty heavy vaper, having smoked two packs of analog (regular) cigarettes for decades, and I can vape all day long on one fill-up with this baby. And it produces a tremendous amount of vapor, sure to please anyone who uses an e-cig.

Secondly, the thing is so simple to use, I could teach a monkey to fill it. And the monkey would probably say something like "don't you have something a bit more challenging??"

All you have to do to fill this new device is unscrew the mouthpiece--which by the way is a hard, contoured and very comfortable to use mouthpiece--and using either a (blunt) syringe bottle or a standard blunt syringe, you can fill it in seconds.

No seals to remove, no hassles, it's that easy. And while you're filling it, you can see exactly how much liquid is in the tank. (check out our store for complete specs and pricing)

Did I mention that this new Clearomizer doesn't have the splitting or cracking problems that the earliest models did? Well I guess I just did ;) These are made with a high impact, very strong plastic material that eliminated that problem.

Bottom line, in case you couldn't tell, I love this thing, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants the ultimate in their vaping experience.

The CE4 Clear Tankomizer will fit any Ego battery, and its shaped so that it looks like it's made for the battery. They're available individually, or in a package of 5, and I'd suggest ordering a box of 5 so you wont have to order them for a long time.

That's it for today's e-cig news, now go out and enjoy your day!

Lenny, (your friendly e-cig guy)

Monday, March 19, 2012

All About Clearomizers

There's a hot new ticket for e-cig users, and it's name is The Clearomizer. (or more accurately, Clearomizers, plural, because there are a few variants of the same essential device.

Clearomizers have gained in popularity recently, because they are a pretty cool little device, that is kind of a cross between a cartomizer, and a tank type cartridge, as you'd find available in the E-go series e-cigarettes.

Basically, the Clearomizer, as it's name implies, is clear, or on some models translucent, and in either case you can look inside and easily see how much e-liquid you have left in it. You will also see, depending on which Clearomizer you're talking about, one or two wicks attached to an atomizer.

The wick/wicks are an efficient way to deliver e-liquid to the semi-disposable atomizer. (these things can be filled several times, when the atty finally kicks, you just replace it with a new one) The most efficient method to fill the Clearomizer (we have a video on our site to show you how to fill them) is with a blunt tip syringe, or a syringe bottle with a small diameter tip.

Once filled, (they hold a lot of e-liquid) the Clearomizer can be used for several hours of heavy vaping, and it produces a high volume of vapor thanks to the efficient wicking system. You can easily see how much liquid is left in the chamber at any given time, and the warm vapor they produce is very pleasant.

They typically come 5 to a box, but they can be ordered individually, for someone who just wants to try something new. They've been selling really well, so I guess most people like them, I use one myself and like them a lot. And they are priced right, so everyone can check them out.

Check out our store today, and click on Clearomizers or Cartomizers, and see what the fuss is all about, you'll be glad you did :)

That's it for today, thanks for reading!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

About Batteries

With so many brands and variants of e-cigs available these days, it's important for the consumer to know as much about their components as possible. With this in mind, I want to discuss a very important part of any e-cig, the battery.

When I first traded my very long term cigarette habit for e-cigs, I could not believe how lucky I was to have discovered them. My first 'serious' e-cig, as opposed to cheap (and very poor performing) e-cigs that are still available everywhere, was the great and super popular 510, purchased with the starter kit.

The four basic components of an e-cig are 1) the battery 2) the atomizer 3) the cartridge 4) the charger. Of course you need e-liquid, but I won't consider that a component for the purposes of this article.

Notice that I listed the battery first--that's no coincidence. Battery life is extremely important to the heavy, or even moderate 'vaper'. (vaper being the term for someone who uses an e-cig)

The reason the battery is so important, is because the last thing a vaper wants to have happen, is have a battery die when using an e-cig outside the home--or inside for that matter. So the amount of STORAGE of a battery determines how long you can use it before it needs a recharge. And it's important to always have a spare charged battery, a spare atomizer or cartomizer and e-liquid with you.

Here's a breakdown of the (approximate) run-times of the most popular e-cigs today. I've listed the approximate mAh for comparison's sake for the techies out there. All times listed are approximate averages, and will depend on the individual's usage. Bottom line, the more you use your battery, the shorter the time between recharges.

Model 510 standard battery: 180 mAh, run-time 1.5-2 hours of average use.
Model 510XL: (sometimes called Mega)  280 mAh, about 2.5 hours of use.
E-go Standard 650 mAh, about 6 hours of usage.
E-go XL, or Mega: 1100 mAh, average usage about 8-9 hours.

The brand new 'Indulgence': 3000 mAh (nope, that's not a typo) approximate usage time, about 24 hours. One full day (and night) for the heavy vaper. That's why I listed this puppy separately, the thing is in a class of it's own when it comes to battery life.

This newest e-cig with the monster battery is no lightweight--the thing feels like a roll of quarters in your fist--the casual vaper will find it too heavy to carry around, I use mine mostly in the house, I got used to the weight after a few days, and now like to pick it up and use it.

It's now my second most used e-cigarette, the one I use the most is my e-go with the 'Mega' 1000 mAh battery. That gives me plenty of power for the average day, and I always have a couple of extra batteries ready to go and a few new attys handy.

Of course the battery doesn't do you much good without an atomizer or cartomizer--or the cool new 'clearomizers', so the serious vaper always has spares of those also.

Check out all of the batteries, cartomizers and all your e-cig products I've listed above at, your one stop shop for all your e-cig needs, and the sponsor of this blog :)

This is Lenny your friendly e-cig guy signing off--go out and have a wonderful day!

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Order a kit for someone you know who smokes, and introduce them to their first e-cig, you'll be doing them a big favor, and they'll love it! It's a unique gift and a great conversation piece!  :) And of course, as you know, it doesn't burn anything, and doesn't smell up a room or car, or wherever they normally light up their old analog cigarettes that produces thousands of chemicals, and second hand smoke. has what you're looking for in all e-cig products, from our best selling starter kits, our great e-liquid selections to our newest clear-tomizers! While you're there, make sure to visit our e-liquid dept., we have lots of great new flavors for you to try, for the ridiculously low price of just $13.95 for a 30 ml size bottle!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We'd like to wish all of our customers a very happy Valentine's Day!

What better way of telling someone how much you love them than by giving them a gift that could change their lives for the better?

This Valentine's day, why not consider getting someone you love a new e-cig starter kit to trade for their foul cigarette smoke? As we all know, e-cigs don't produce any smoke, second hand or otherwise, because they don't burn anything. They merely create a vapor that dissipates in seconds, while satisfying the smoking habit, and providing the nicotine that smokers are addicted to.

Thousands of people swear by their e-cigs, and have traded their nasty, smelly habit for the electronic versions and never looked back.

So do that special 'someone' a favor, and order a new e-Go or advanced 510 starter kit for them and show them how much you care! :) The bonus for you is your 'someone' will stop smelling up your house and car, not to mention their breath! So do both of you a favor, and pick up a kit today!

Brought to you by, your one-stop e-cigarette shop!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New E-Liquid Flavors!

New e-Liquid flavors now available!


What evokes warm summer afternoon picnics like fresh watermelon? Cool and sweet, this brand new flavor is sure to please. So get your summer on, and check out our delicious watermelon!


Think about a tropical island, palm trees swaying overhead, and a cool drink in hand. Mangoes and the tropics just go together. Break out the bikinis and towels and head on over to the beach with our new, soon to be favorite, Mango!


Who doesn't love the aroma of Cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven? Cinnamon has been used by cooks and chefs for thousands of years, and for a good reason—it tastes and smells so good. A great new addition to our line of fine e-liquids, Cinnamon is bound to be one of our most popular flavors. Order a bottle today, before it sells out!


What would a Pina Colada be without Coconut? Our new Coconut flavor e-liquid is a sunny addition to our huge collection of e-liquid favorites. Kick back and enjoy the fresh taste of Coconut in your e-cig! You'll feel like you're on your own private tropical vacation!

All these new flavors are now available in our e-liquid shop, so head on over there and order a few bottles, and see for yourself how great these fruity flavors taste!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Don't smoke--Vape!

It's a brand new year and many of us have made resolutions as we do every year, to rid ourselves of some bad habits and make positive changes in our lives. Unfortunately though, it seems as though too often we give up on making those changes.

I know that one of the most important resolutions I'd tried for decades to keep was to stop smoking cigarettes. Year after year, decade after decade, I tried and failed to quit smoking. Smoking was embarrassing professionally and personally, having to run outside in all kinds of weather to sneak a smoke, and feeling the eyes of people on my back, knowing that they could smell smoke on my clothes and on my breath left me feeling terribly guilty and ashamed.

My wife and kids hated that I smoked, and I hated that I was setting a bad example for them. My house and everything in it always smelled like a chimney, but I just couldn't quit no matter how many methods and times I tried to kick the habit.That's the thing about smoking--it's a complicated habit, one that involves a whole lot more than just a nicotine addiction. It involves holding a cigarette, puffing on it, having one with drinks or a meal--the list of triggers for smoking is almost endless.

 I even went so far as to have a small room addition put on my house where I could smoke without harming my family with my second hand smoke. At that point I had just given up trying to quit.

Then I heard of something called an 'e-cigarette' or electronic cigarette, but didn't know anything about them, and frankly was skeptical. After seeing a video online about e-cigs I decided to give it a shot--I had little to lose and everything to gain, so I ordered one to try. I believe that decision was one of the best I've ever made. I charged my batteries, screwed in an atomizer, popped on a cartridge and gave it a test.

Bottom line is I haven't had a cigarette since that day. Now, I 'vape' instead. (vaping is what e-cigarette users call using their electronic version of smoking)

It's not smoking, because an 'e-cig' doesn't burn anything, it heats up a liquid commonly known as e-liquid, or e-juice, produces no second (or first) hand smoke, doesn't smell and leaves no dirty ashtrays. It doesn't produce the thousands of chemicals in cigarette smoke--which includes over 40 known carcinogens.

They 'taste' like cigarettes, you hold them like a cigarette, puff them and inhale the vapor that includes your choice of level of nicotine, and the vapor disappears after a few seconds. They're not sold as a means to quit smoking, but thousands of people claim they have quit using them. I know I did, and it was far easier than I thought possible. And did I mention they're way cheaper than smoking? I was a two pack a day smoker, and with the cost of cigarettes over $4 a pack these days, I used to spend more than $200 a month on cigarettes!

Including replacement parts that wear out and the e-liquid I buy, I'm spending less than $50 a month, so I'm saving more than $150 every month!

So if this is your year to quit smoking, why not try something different this time? You just might find you like e-cigs better than you ever liked cigarettes!

Take the plunge, buy an advanced 510 or an Ego Advanced starter kit from and find out what all the fuss is about. Thousands of people have, and love theirs--I know, I'm one of them!

Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy And Healthy New Year!!

2011 is finally behind us, and we want to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a very Happy, Healthy, Safe and Prosperous New Year and to thank you for your continuing business!

How many times have you or a friend or family member made a New Years resolution to give up smoking? How many times has that noble effort failed?

If you, or someone you know is ready to make that change, consider purchasing the perfect gift--a cleaner alternative to smoking that doesn't create second hand smoke because it doesn't burn anything, and that does not produce the thousands of chemicals contained in cigarette smoke.

That perfect gift is a quality e-cigarette like our Advanced 510 model starter kit, or if you want a bigger battery, an E-go Advanced starter kit from Our starter kits contain everything you need to get started on the road to a better lifestyle.

And we want to sweeten the deal for you! Order before January 5 2012, type "HappyNewYear" (without the quotes or space) in the coupon code at checkout, and we'll give you a 10% discount on any product! Now that's a great deal all the way around! What better way to start the New Year than to (finally) ditch cigarettes?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

E-cig Scams and How To Avoid Them

It's unfortunate but inevitable that in any given business there will be those who take advantage of customers who have little knowledge of what it is they are interested in purchasing.

So it is with E-Cigs, there are reputable sources for quality products, and there are some not-so-reputable sources online. Today I'll focus on just a couple of points that will help you to avoid becoming one more victim of an online scam.

If you encounter either of these sets of circumstances, I would strongly suggest you run for the hills:

1) Limited time offer, act TODAY for this special deal!!

A reputable source for quality vaping products, such as the advanced model 510, or the E-go, doesn't need you to make up your mind on the spot to get and keep your business. A source like for example, wants you to check out all their hardware, so you make an informed decision before you buy. That's why you see reviews, tips etc on this blog to keep you informed.

The worn-out tactic of rushing the buyer just shouldn't cut it anymore, but believe it or not, many people still fall for these tactics. The 'buy as you go' type programs that lock you in to a large investment are a good example of what to avoid.

2) 'Free' trial deals.

Hate to break this to you guys and gals, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Not with cars, not with computers, not with cell phones--and not with E-cigs.

A quality E-cigarette is not a throw away piece of junk. It is a high tech, well made device that emulates smoking cigarettes without a lot of the hassles of smoking. Like second hand smoke, or ashes for example.

When you buy a quality 'starter kit' you should expect to find the following: At least one each of a battery and an atomizer. Most of the most popular kits today, like the 510 and the E-go, supply two batteries, and one atomizer, although some kits provide two of each.

You should expect a charger for your device, some are wall chargers, some are car chargers, and some are hybrids that use a combination of USB connector with a wall charger. Most starter kits also include an owners manual, so you get familiar with the few parts easily.

Most starter kits come with a box of cartridges, either filled or empty. Either way,  I strongly recommend you order at least a few extra boxes of cartridges, or cartomizers (combined disposable cartridge/atomizer), so you don't run out. It's also a very good idea to order a couple of bottles of different flavors of e-liquids, as you'll need to keep some on hand.

When you're ready to plunk down some change for your very own E-cigarette, be sure to take a look at our store and check out the starter kits mentioned above--you'll be assured of a quality electronic cigarette, with no hidden fees, and no games.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

We'll be glad to assist!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Sale!

Until January 1st Save 10% On All Your E-cig Products!

As our way to say Thank You! to all our valued customers, we want to offer a 10% Discount on all of our e-cig products, including starter kits, and e-liquid!

If you're still smoking tobacco cigarettes there's never been a better time to trade your nasty cigarette habit for clean, non-polluting e-cigarettes! 

E-cigs make a great holiday gift for family members, friends, anyone who smokes tobacco will love the thoughtful gift of an e-cig starter kit, and those who already have made the switch can save big during the holiday season!

Just type HolidaySale (*no space) into the coupon code when placing your orders from now until Jan1st and your order will automatically be discounted 10% It's as simple as that to save big on all your vaping needs!

Thanks to our loyal customers for making this year another success and we look forward to seeing you at

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tip Of The Day

Here's a simple tip that can come in handy when you forgot to order cartridges and your last remaining cartridge is not working well. We've all seen what happens to a cartridge (this does not apply to those who use cartomizers) after using it for more than a day or two--you try to top it off and after just one or two drops the cartridge appears full, but when you use your e-cig, you find that it needs to be topped off much more often than when the cartridge is new and it doesn't work well even after being topped off.

What happens is that the wicking material gets compacted as you inhale, it turns brown and stops working well. There's a quick and easy fix to get you by an extra day or two until your new cartridge order arrives. All you'll need is a tiny tweezers, a little tap water, and a paper towel. First, use small tweezers--I use the one that came with my handy Swiss Army knife, but any small tweezers will do. Next, take the cartridge off the atomizer, then using the tweezers, carefully remove the wicking fiber. Then gently run a little tap water over the material to remove any remaining liquid--this only takes a second to do, and the wick will turn white again.

Next, dry the now clean wick thoroughly with a paper towel--it is important to remove all the water by squeezing it with the paper toweling, I do it a couple of times to make sure all the water is removed. Now all you need to do is replace the wicking fiber carefully back into the cartridge, refilling the cart with fresh e-liquid and you're good to go. You'll find that the cartridge works much better than before you cleaned it, and you will be able to use it another day or two.

I don't recommend using  this method unless you're really stuck, because the fiber will lose it's ability to properly wick the liquid, so use this method only in emergencies. Better yet, make sure you always have a good supply of extra cartridges or cartomizers, e-liquid and at least one spare battery and atomizer, so you don't have to worry about running out of anything. Just as you never wanted to run out of cigarettes when you smoked, you don't want to run out of any of the few components of your e-cig, and that includes e-liquid.

That's my tip for the day, this is Lenny your friendly e-cig guy, signing off till next time!

PS, we wish all of our customers a very healthy and happy holiday season, and a wonderful New Year!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome to the blog!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome all of our customers (and soon to be customers) to the blog!

You'll find a wealth of information about e-cigs here, from the "newbie" section, where we tell you what an e-cig is, how it works, and how to use and care for them, to our tips page, where even long time vapers (people who use e-cigs don't smoke, because the e-cigs don't burn anything) can find helpful tips, to the e-cig review page, where we rate various e-cigs.

We hope you enjoy the blog as much as we enjoy writing it, and that you'll find it useful. If you do, or even if you don't, we would love to hear your comments, so feel free to post on the blog! We especially love stories about those who have given up smoking for vaping :-)

At, we do more than just sell e-cigs, we provide you with all kinds of useful information about them, which will help you to get more enjoyment out of your e-cig of choice.

So go ahead and scroll through our blog, you'll learn a lot, and you'll have an opportunity to share your experiences with all the people who read our blog. The blog has only been up for a few months, but we've had more than 2000 readers so far, so we must be doing something right!

And remember, during the holiday season, if you enter "holiday" in the coupon code box, you'll receive a 10% discount on your choice of the starter kits!

So go ahead and browse through the blog and let us know what you think about it! With your help we can make it even better :-)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

War on e-Cigs

Hi again readers, it's Lenny back with some news--this time about the war on e-cigs being waged, strangely enough, by the American Lung Association as well as the regular crowd of "we hate anything that even looks or sounds like a cigarette" and the tobacco companies and big pharmaceuticals, who stand to lose money because thousands of people are now vaping instead of smoking.

Never mind that there is plenty of information out there, some of which we have covered in this blog, that very strongly suggests that e-cigs represent a huge opportunity to lessen to a very large degree, if not to completely eliminate, the dangers of tobacco smoke. There simply is no comparison between the two.

I came across a super website today, Check it out HERE that does a great job of reporting all news related to the attempted banning of e-cigarettes, or at the very least, different interests trying to make e-cigs out to be an evil, wicked thing, equivalent to burning tobacco, which we all know is not true.

The thousands of people who are fans of the little electronic marvels beg to differ. I know, I'm one of them. But the site I linked to is really important to all of us, because it points you to information about how to fight back against the interests that want to ban our e-cigs. (I'm sure the big pharmaceutical companies that make NRT (nicotine replacement therapy patches, gum etc) and the tobacco industry sure wants to see them banned, after all, they are cutting into their profits.

I hope all my readers check the site out, and take some action before our rights to use e-cigs are taken away.

The thousands of chemicals (including at least 46 known carcinogens) that are found in cigarette smoke are not found in e-cig emissions, during rigorous testing by the FDA (and other researchers) which after a court decision has itself failed to ban e-cigs, and which now treats e-cigs the same way as they treat cigarettes, meaning they no longer ban entry of the devices into the US. This is a huge win for the e-cig business and customers who want access to them.

In some states, CA included, where Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed a ban on e-cigs, reason prevails, but many people are also being manipulated into thinking e-cigs are as bad as smoking cigarettes, and that's a shame.

I sincerely hope you take a look at that site I linked to, and let your legislators know where you stand on the issue of e-cigs. I would think our government, particularly during the current climate of economic malaise, would have better things to do than try to outlaw a product that could actually help smokers health to be less at risk, while doing away with second hand smoke.

Thanks for reading, this is Lenny the e-cig guy, signing off!   

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are e-cigarettes safer than tobacco cigarettes?

There is some eye-opening information by two respected researchers about the reduction of harm by the use of e-cigarettes compared with regular tobacco cigarettes, and the conclusions drawn by these researchers very strongly suggest that e-cigarettes are in fact much safer than regular cigarettes, something that the manufacturers of the new devices and that thousands of users of e-cigs have been saying for years. 

First, some info about the authors of the article

Zachary Cahn:

Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley,
UC Berkeley Department of Political Science, 210 Barrows Hall #1950, Berkeley,
CA 94720-1950, USA.

Steven Siegel:

Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public
Health, 801 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02118, USA.
*Corresponding author


The complete article can be found here, but for those who do not want to read the article in it's entirety, (I found it fascinating personally) I will post some background from the article and some of the conclusions of their findings. The portions taken from the article are highlighted.

"Abstract--The issue of harm reduction has long been controversial in the public health practice of tobacco control. Health advocates have been reluctant to endorse a harm reduction approach out of fear that tobacco companies cannot be trusted to produce and market products that will reduce the risks associated with tobacco use. Recently, companies independent of the tobacco industry introduced electronic cigarettes, devices that deliver vaporized nicotine without combusting tobacco. We review the existing evidence on the safety and efficacy of electronic cigarettes. We then revisit the tobacco harm reduction debate, with a focus on these novel products."

"We conclude that electronic cigarettes show tremendous promise in the fight against tobacco-related morbidity and mortality. By dramatically expanding the potential for harm reduction strategies to achieve substantial health gains, they may fundamentally alter the tobacco harm reduction debate." [underline added--ed]

Journal of Public Health Policy advance online publication, 9 December 2010;

"....Taken together, this evidence suggests that electronic cigarettes are capable of reducing cigarette craving, but that the effect is not due exclusively to nicotine."  [underline added-ed]

What this demonstrates is that there is more to cigarette addiction than just nicotine. I think most smokers already know that nicotine is not the sole reason that so many who have tried to quit fail. The smoking habit is a very complex problem to solve because there are so many "triggers" involved, i.e. holding a cigarette, puffing on one, blowing out smoke and other things that nicotine alone doesn't satisfy.

If nicotine were the only reason smokers have such a difficult time quitting, the nicotine provided by the patch or gum would probably eliminate smoking in most cases, but it doesn't. The electronic cigarette does satisfy most, if not all, of the non-nicotine habits associated with smoking.

I can personally categorically state that I gave up my 40+ year heavy smoking habit the day I received my first e-cigarette, something I could not do when I tried the patch, gum, lozenges, hypnosis and a national quit-smoking program.

 "Thus far, none of the more than 10 000 chemicals present in tobacco smoke, including over 40 known carcinogens, has been shown to be present in the cartridges or vapor of electronic cigarettes in anything greater than trace quantities. No one has reported adverse effects, although this product has been on the market for more than 3 years. Still, the FDA struck a more ominous tone in its July 2009 press release, warning of the presence of carcinogens at ‘detectable’ levels.Yet it failed to mention that the levels of these carcinogens was similar to that in NRT products" [underline added--ed] . 

'Whereas electronic cigarettes cannot be considered safe,as there is no threshold for carcinogenesis, they are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes."  [underline added--ed] 

There's more:

"NRT is unappealing and ineffective"[nicotine replacement therapy--i.e patches, gum etc--ed]

"Pharmaceutical products for dispensing nicotine are unappealing ‘by design’ to avoid ‘abuse-liability’.Electronic cigarettes,on the other hand, were designed with the express purpose of replicating the act of smoking, without using tobacco. An investment newsletter reports that demand thus far has been explosive. Intense consumer interest in electronic cigarettes has already spawned a vibrant online community of ‘vapers’ who compare and contrast the performance of various brands and models according to their durability, battery life, thickness of vapor, and other criteria."

"No non-tobacco nicotine product has heretofore elicited such dedication among its users, suggesting the rare promise of the electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation tool." [underline added--ed]

I strongly recommend that those who want all the information provided in the article to read it in it's entirety. I believe the authors of the article make it very clear that e-cigarettes can be a very important step in ending smoking--and second hand smoke--finally. Isn't that what we all want?

The website address for the article is:

To buy e-cigarettes for yourself,or for someone you know who smokes, I recommend checking out Smoke-Light.comThat is where I buy my own e-cigs and supplies, they have been in business for years and I have found them to be a very reputable company. They also sponsor this blog, and direct you to the kind of information provided here.

Thanks for reading,
Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Save Money with e-cigs!

There's no doubt things are tough out there these days, jobs are scarce and people are trying to save money any way they can. Many of those who are struggling are also smokers, and the price of cigarettes these days is pretty steep for most smokers.

Enter the E-cigarette, the alternative to tobacco cigarettes. In earlier posts we have talked about what e-cigs are, how they work, and the fact that they produce far fewer chemicals than burning tobacco does. What we haven't talked much about is the savings for the average smoker that the e-cig can mean.

Where I live, cigarettes are at least $4 a pack (whatever brand is on sale) and I was a two pack a day smoker. OK, $8 bucks a day, 30 days a month, that's OMG! $240 a MONTH! That's like a car payment.

Let's compare that to the costs of using an e-cig. Your starter kit comes, in most cases, with everything you need to get started: 2 rechargeable batteries, 1 or 2 atomizers, a charger and usually a few pre-filled cartridges to get you started. The whole deal probably cost you less than $75, shipped, and just with the five pre-filled cartridges that came with your kit, you can "vape" about the equivalent of 5 packs of "analog" smokes.

The batteries and atomizers are consumable, meaning they don't last forever. If you are using cartomizers, you won't need to replace cartridges or atomizers, they're an easy, hassle free way to go. Usually the batteries last for several months, the atomizers usually last from a few weeks to a couple of months before it's time to replace them.

Let's say you added two boxes of cartomizers to your order. (that equals about a carton of cigarettes)  So even considering the start-up cost of buying your e-cig, you still saved more  than a hundred dollars the first month!

After that, it just gets better because all you have to buy are cartomizers or cartridges that you fill or that come pre-filled, and both are very reasonably priced (cartomizers around $12 for a box of five pre-filled, cartridges around $6 pre-filled.)

I find my total monthly costs have dropped from $240 a month to less than $50 a month, including any replacement parts. That's a savings of $190 a month--money I can use for a lot of other stuff--like paying the bills!

Not only are my e-cigs cleaner, they produce no second hand smoke, I can choose my own nicotine level and I am saving a fortune compared to my smelly old habit. That's all important to me.

That's the latest for today, stay tuned for more--And don't forget, enter a comment for a discount on your next purchase!

Lenny "The e-cig guy"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Talk Juice!

Hi vapers, it's Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy, back to talk a little bit about "smoke-juice".

Every e-cig user remembers the foul taste in our mouths when we still smoked analogs. (that's regular cigs for the newbies)  Many of us wondered too many times to count why we used the word "taste" when comparing one brand to another. They were all terrible!!! You just can't make burning tobacco taste good! ;-)

 Also, nicotine itself tastes pretty bad, we found that out with the nicotine gum we tried from the pharmacy, but that is a story for another day. (don't worry, I'll get to that soon)
Now that we decided to indulge our habits differently than we did with analogs, using the marvelous little vaping machines instead of smoking, we discovered that "smoke juice" was available in all kinds of flavors. At first, we mostly used tobacco variants, menthol or mint when we first started, later, when we got comfortable NOT smoking, we decided to experiment with different flavors.

I learned a trick I saw on another forum, that said to really enjoy your e-cig, you should swap flavors regularly, to keep the taste fresher. It really works well for me. I tried a black cherry liquid next, and was very pleased to find it was very pleasant, not overpowering, but overall great!

Then I tried several other flavors here, banana, vanilla, and several other flavors, and I love switching from one to the other. All do a very good job, some better than others of masking the taste of nicotine, so if we are going to continue to use it, it might as well not taste like burned, dried leaves of the tobacco plant.

So, venture into the e-liquid shop and feel free to experiment. Let's face it, we're saving a fortune compared with what we used to spend on cigarettes, the price of juice is very reasonable, so we can afford to indulge ourselves a little, right?   :-)

Thanks for tuning in people, see you all soon,

This is Lenny "The e-cig Guy" signing out for today!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All About Cartomizers

Hi gang, it's Lenny "The e-cig guy" to keep you up to date on vaping news :-)

Today I want to spend a couple of minutes talking about "cartomizers" , what they are, and why you should consider them.

Assuming you already got your start-up kit from, you have been enjoying your new e-cig for awhile :-), now let's talk about the difference between a cartridge and a cartomizer, and why you might like the cartomizer.

As you probably already know, the atomizer, like the battery of an e-cig is a consumable part. It has a lifespan from anywhere from two weeks to 3 months before it needs to be replaced. When using the traditional atomizer you also need to use a cartridge, which sits on the atomizer and holds the E-Liquid. You have probably gotten some juice on your fingers refilling them. (Don't worry, everybody gets a little juice on their fingers from time to time) You just wash your hands and get on with it.

On the other hand, a newer development is the cartomizer, so named because it contains both an atomizer and a filled cartridge in your choice of flavors and strength. The cool thing about the cartomizer is you just screw it onto your battery, enjoy it for a couple of days, (depending on how much you use your personal vaporizer), then just throw it away. You are always using a new atomizer, and your juice is always fresh.

Cartomizers are an excellent and convenient alternative to the original cartridges, carry a fresh sealed one in your pocket and when your e-cig runs out of juice, just screw a new cartomizer on and toss the old one in the trash.

Simple. I like that! ;-)

You can purchase your cartomizers here: Ecig-Cartomizers

That's it for today, stay tuned for new personal vaporizer developments as they come,

Lenny, The E-Cig Guy

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lenny's e-cig Reviews

Hi everybody, it's Lenny again, this time to review a few of the best e-cigs yet from, the 510 advanced model, the Ego-Advanced ,the Ego-T tank variant of the advanced Ego and lastly "The Screwdriver". If you are new to e-cigs I strongly suggest you start your adventure on the "Newbie" page.

First, I've got to admit, this will be one of the harder reviews I have written. All of these devices are the latest generation of the most popular e-cigs sold anywhere, and there simply are no losers. There are however, big differences between the three, and I will give you my honest impression of each one, pointing out the positives and negatives of each.

I had first tried the model 510 more than a year ago, as my first serious e-cigarette purchase. It is an excellent e-cig for the following reasons. One, it is the closest in tactile feel to a regular (or analog as serious vapers call tobacco cigarettes). At about 118 mm (battery, atomizer and cartridge) It is slightly larger than a 100 mm cigarette, is comfortable to hang onto for long periods, and has a respectable battery usage length between charges for the type of e-cig that it is.

This is a fine compact unit that looks at good as it works (excellently) uses a very high quality atomizer, produces a good volume of vapor, charges quickly and does a super job of emulating a tobacco cigarette, in terms of length, feel and in tobacco flavor tastes a lot like a tobacco cigarette--albeit a substitute that does not produce thousands of chemicals like tobacco cigarettes do, nor one that creates any kind of first or second hand smoke. The 510 is available in several colors, and starter kits, cartridges, accessories and parts are readily available at a vendor that I personally use for my vaping needs. Anyone new to vaping would do well to consider the wildly popular 510 advanced.

Moving now to the E-go Advanced starter kit, let me point out a few differences from the 510. The Ego is best described as a supercharged 510--it shares the same atomizer and cartridge with the 510--but the biggest difference is the battery. The Ego's battery is much more powerful, and because of this it produces even more vapor than the 510, and more important to many is the charge lasts a lot longer. I was a very heavy smoker before I started "vaping", between 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day--for more than 40 years. You never want to be caught without a charged battery, any more than you ever wanted to run out of smokes.

You really want your battery to last the average day. I find, heavy vaper that I am, that the Ego lasts me for an entire day without needing a charge, and even into the following day and that is really convenient. Even given such a powerful battery, the Ego Advanced somehow manages to remain surprisingly light and very handsome. I love the feel of it in my hand. Ergonomically it's a dream.

The Bottom Line: The Ego Advanced is a vapor monster, producing copious amounts of warm vapor, and the battery is exactly what the heavy vaper wants. It is larger than the 510, but not uncomfortably so, very handsome and a great e-cigarette for someone who would rather trade the difference in size for the longer battery life. (tip) always have a spare battery charged so you are never without a device ready to use and a supply of cartridges. (Trust me, you'll be glad you do.)

Next up is the Ego Advanced-T which is exactly like the great Ego advanced reviewed above, but it uses an ingenious tank system which eliminates the need for cartridges. Instead of a cartridge, the tank model used a tank which transfers the smoke-juice directly to the atomizer bypassing the cartridge altogether. The tank is a translucent blue in the model I tested and it is very nice to be able to see the amount of remaining juice, when the tank is nearly empty, it can be easily re-filled. I use a blunt syringe to make the job of re-filling clean and simple.

Last but not least--"The Screwdriver"  I happen to love this bad boy, especially at home. It utilizes a powerful 3.7 volt, 900 mAh battery, which looks a lot like an AA battery, (no they are not the same) and it puts out a great deal of power for extended periods of time.  I'm a heavy vaper, and the SD battery lasts me all day long without having to swap batteries. The SD uses the venerable and reliable 901 atomizer and produces huge vapor.

Did I mention this thing is beautiful? It's all shiny chrome, (don't scratch it) it looks a lot like a short screwdriver in shape, but it's an attention getter for sure. It sports a ring where atomizer meets the battery that lights up red when you press the manual switch and blinks when you take too many puffs in a minute and at a different rate when the battery finally starts to wind down. The one thing about The Screwdriver you should know, is it's heavy. Much heavier than the 510 or the Ego's. This thing is heavy metal! I'm kinda used to the heft of it, and I like the feel of it in my hand. Like all things, it's a matter of taste.

 So, which to buy?

That depends on what your personal preferences are. If you want something thin and light, the model 510 is going to be a good fit, just make sure to carry a spare charged battery, or purchase an optional car charger. (they come in very handy)

If you want longer battery life and huge amounts of vapor both the Advanced Ego
Advanced E-go-T are excellent choices.  When I am going out I prefer the longer life battery of the Ego Advanced (and I admit l like the curious stares it evokes ;-). often at home I prefer my thin and light 510-- and I have spare charged batteries always available.

And if you want a mean, sleek attention grabber, grab a "Screwdriver"
The fact is, you will find something to like about any of these, and you will, if you're anything like me, will probably want something different to choose from!  ;-)

Now go shopping armed with the information to help you make an informed choice!

And remember to leave a comment to receive a 10% discount on your next order from!

Lenny, the E-cig Guy


Friday, September 16, 2011

E-cigs For Newbies--What You Need To Know

What Is an "e-cig" or electronic cigarette?

An e-cig is an ingenious electronic device that was invented by a Chinese scientist about a decade ago, that simulates the experience of smoking tobacco cigarettes--but does not produce smoke, so it does not emit dangerous second-hand smoke, emits virtually no odor, but does provide nicotine, the substance which occurs naturally in the tobacco plant, and which in addition to being addictive, provides a "feel-good" effect to smokers.

It is nicotine addiction which plays a large part in a tobacco smoker's difficulty in quitting smoking, even though a smoker desires to quit--but it is not the only reason so many smokers are unable to kick the habit. If nicotine were the only reason that smokers try and fail to quit the habit, most smokers would probably give up the habit, knowing the health dangers the habit causes, lung and oral cancers, heart disease and emphysema among the most widely mentioned, although smoking plays a part in other diseases as well.

Because practically every smoker knows how bad the habit is for them (and the people around them who inhale the smoke) one would think that virtually all smokers would have enough motive to give up their addiction. But nicotine, as I mentioned earlier, is not the only obstacle to quitting. Smoking is a very complex habit--a smoker becomes used to smoking when doing or experiencing many specific things, i.e. when emotionally stressed, when drinking alcoholic beverages, when in the company of other smokers, after a meal, talking on the telephone--the list is almost endless.

All of these triggers have been developed over a long period of time in the long time smoker, and like any habit, the longer one practices it, the harder it is to quit them. This is the reason why so many people who have tried the nicotine patch, gum, and other nicotine replacement products sold by pharmaceutical companies go back to smoking--these products do not address the habits I have described, and because they don't, the smoker is frustrated and starts smoking again.

It is very important to understand that "e-cigs" are NOT sold as a way to quit smoking, rather they are designed to be used by committed smokers who either cannot, or do not want to give up their habit, but hate many aspects of regular cigarette smoking. Like causing second hand smoke for one. Another example is the smell that hangs around a smoker, something the smoker him/herself is usually very aware of, and they know it bothers others, and they feel self-conscious about it. That's not the case with e-cigs. No smoke=no odor=less guilt.

By using e-cigs, the smoker can satisfy both his addiction to nicotine as well as the habit of holding it like a cigarette, puffing like a cigarette, the e-cigarette even produces a vapor that looks and tastes like a cigarette, so most all of the habits that are familiar to the smoker are satisfied.

The smoker, when using the e-cigarette can even choose the level of nicotine in his device--i.e. "high nicotine" medium, low or even zero nicotine if he chooses to eventually wean him/herself off the nicotine completely, but the idea is to provide a way for the smoker to feel like he is smoking, but inhaling a tiny fraction of the the 5000+ chemicals that burning tobacco creates, of which dozens are KNOWN to cause cancer, thus reducing the harmful effects of smoking.

 For more information from Boston University School of Public Health on e-cigarettes see below:

 "A study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researchers reports that electronic cigarettes are a promising tool to help smokers quit, producing six-month abstinence rates nearly double those for traditional nicotine replacement products."

The article can be found here:

Don't forget to leave a comment for a 10% discount on your next order from!

Lenny, The E-Cig Guy

Hi everybody, it's Lenny your friendly e-cig guy, back with a few tips on how to get the most from your e-cigarette.

When we got our first e-cigs, we (hopefully) charged our battery exactly as the manuals suggest, 8 hours for the most popular e-cigs on the market, the model 510, and it's big brother the E-go. This is a very important first step, because charging the battery the first time can affect the performance of the battery during it's lifetime.

After you charge the battery the first time, we recommend that you recharge the batteries for at least two hours, and only when it stops working, when the battery is almost or completely out of power. The two models I mentioned have "smart" circuitry that turns off the battery when it reaches a certain level of power, so it is very easy to know when to recharge.

If you are not getting sufficient vapor, there can only be a few reasons, either the battery is dead or discharged, an atomizer is shot, or you have insufficient juice in your cartridge. To find out if you have a dead atomizer, just try another--if that one works it is the atty that is dead. If not, try another battery and make sure you have enough juice in your cartridge. Never try to modify any of the parts of your e-cigs, they are not designed to be altered, and you could create a fire hazard by doing so.

If you are using cartomizers, the whole idea  is to make life simple--the cartomizer combines a disposable atomizer with a cartridge that is pre-filled with juice--when it stops producing vapor, you just throw it away. Cartomizers can be topped off with a bit more juice, but that sort of defeats the whole purpose of the convenience of the cartomizer and I don't recommend it.

Atomizers and batteries do not last forever, and are considered consumables with a limited lifetime. On average, I have found atomizers to last around 4-8 weeks depending on how much you use them, and batteries can last a couple of months before they too should be replaced. There is nothing worse than being out with friends and having your atty or battery die, so always carry a spare e-cig with you so you don't end up wishing you did. If you use cartridges, it is a very good idea to keep a small bottle of liquid with you to top off while you're out.

When you use cartridges, as many people do, including myself, you have the option of filling them with whatever flavor of juice you like. You need only top off the cartridge with a couple of drops of liquid when you run dry and you can use the average cartridge for a full day, depending on how much you use your e-cig. The filler in cartridges that is used to wick the liquid to the atomizer coil does have a tendency to get hard after a days use, and not work as well, so you will want to replace them each day. That's no big deal, cartridges are very inexpensive to buy.

Cleaning your e-cigs is very easy to do. I recommend wiping the threads of the atomizer and battery with a paper towel and a little water to remove any dirt that might accumulate on them, to keep the contacts clean, just make sure you dry the wet threads completely before re-using them, and NEVER submerge the batteries in water. If you wouldn't do it to your cell phone, don't do it to your e-cig. To clean the outside of your e-cigs, just wipe them off with a clean dry cloth or paper towel, you can use a small amount of water on the paper towel if you need to remove a stain, but again, never submerge the batteries in water.

That's it for today, thanks for visiting the blog!

Lenny, your friendly e-cig guy

Friday, September 02, 2011

LENNY B.... STOPS SMOKING USING E-CIGS--Wife's Health NO. 1 Reason I Quit Electronic Cigarette & e Accessories wishes to thank Lenny for telling us about his greatest motivation to stop and how today this means no more second-hand smoke.

Hello everybody, my name is Lenny, and I would like to share my story about how I was finally able to quit smoking cigarettes, a habit I had for over 40 years and which was causing serious problems to my health and that of my wife of 22 years.

I started smoking at a very young age, my older brother was a smoker and it was he who gave me my first cigarette when I was 12 years old. My brother was 14 years older than me, and I always tried to be like him, so if he smoked, I wanted to.

Actually, he gave me that cigarette to try to get me sick to my stomach in an attempt to keep me from smoking. (I did get really, really sick from smoking it) I had to learn how to smoke without getting sick to my stomach, and like lots of the kids in our neighborhood, we got older kids to buy cigarettes for us so we could be "cool". It was great once we got over the sick part, and we proudly strutted the neighborhood and school with a smoke attached to our lips. This was a long time ago, and there were cigarette ads everywhere, on billboards, on TV magazines, you name it and you could find cool looking guys (and especially girls) blowing smoke rings from every ad for cigarettes. In fact, in my neighborhood in NYC, if you didn't smoke, you were what people call a nerd today.

Everything was fine for awhile, though I did get kicked off my school swimming team

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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